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Simmering Pot volunteers masked up in the kitchen

The Simmering Pot

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Soup's Back On!

Before COVID, the Simmering Pot served a free, in-person meal every Monday to anyone, regardless of income. When COVID closed the meal site, we partnered with the all-volunteer group that cooked for the Simmering Pot to develop a weekly meal delivery for community members who were food insecure due to barriers such as income, transportation, or COVID health concerns. When the Simmering Pot resumed inperson service in Blue Hill in December 2022, all partners agreed to maintain the delivery program, as well, because many of the delivery recipients were unable to attend the in-person meal.


The Simmering Pot serves anyone who signs up for a meal in our 9-town service area. Healthy Peninsula’s role in this partnership is to coordinate program participants, volunteer kitchens, food donations, volunteers, and route development for weekly meal delivery throughout our 9-town region. We provide community resource orientation and referral for volunteers (to pass on to recipients) and to recipients directly as issues arise. We also coordinate additional occasional services to go along with the soup delivery (e.g. in-home vaccines, donated flowers, resource events). This project is a partnership with the Simmering Pot, St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church, Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital kitchen, St. Francis By the Sea Episcopal Church, and Tinder Hearth Bakery.


All are welcome to join this free community meal from 2:30 to 6:00p.m. every Monday (except holidays) at the Blue Hill Congregational Church, 22 Tenney Hill, Blue Hill. 


Healthy Peninsula and the Simmering Pot will continue to partner on soup for delivery for community members who cannot attend or pick up in person.  For more information, please call 374-3257 or email   If you need delivery, you can also sign up directly by filling out the form at this link. 

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