Healthy Aging

Our Healthy Aging initiative recognizes that, as we all live longer and healthier lives, we can tap into our collective experiences to create innovative solutions for the challenges that come – individually and systemically – as we get older.  With that in mind, we have created a strong network of community members, town governments, and service providers, working together to create a community where we will all have what we need as we grow up and grow older in our coastal neighborhoods.

As exciting new opportunities on issues of healthy aging continue to develop, Healthy Peninsula will continue to cultivate the power of collaboration to create healthy, informed, and livable communities for all.

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Larry Clifford

Healthy Aging Coordinator

Healthy Peninsula’s Healthy Aging work has historically combined coordinating community collaborations (as a backbone organization with a collective impact philosophy), providing healthcare and social service resource connections to individuals and providers, and creating targeted direct service projects for older residents, particularly focused on those who are historically under-served, rural, and low-income. Our healthy aging work is grant-funded and has generally relied on a large anchor grant to support our leadership role in complex community collaborations and other smaller grants to support our direct service work.

Island Health and Wellness Foundation podcast

Anne Schroth Talks Vaccine Sign Ups

Click to hear the podcast with our very own, Anne Schroth!

Description: "Recently, she has been busy navigating the often complicated world of signing up for COVID vaccination appointments on behalf of older Mainers in our area. What helpful hints has she learned? How does patience and perseverance play major roles in the sign up process? What other resources does Healthy Peninsula offer? Last, but not least, what is personally helping Anne to thrive during the pandemic?"

This podcast is part of a series "Just for the Health of It" run by the Island Health & Wellness Foundation. This episode and others are available on any popular podcast platform by searching "Island Health & Wellness Foundation" (i.e. Apple, Spotify, Breaker, etc.).

Age-Friendly Coastal Communities

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Choices That Matter

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Community Paramedicine Program

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