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An elderly caregiver, who shares a home with her 50-year-old daughter with schizophrenia, came to Friendship Cottage for a Behavioral Health Clinic of Expertise. The caregiver mistook the time for the clinic and came the day before the actual clinic, but this gave her a chance to talk with the Friendship Cottage director. The caregiver was thinking she might have to place her daughter in a different housing situation and was looking for information. The Friendship Cottage director invited her to come to the Behavioral Health Support Group the following week and gave her a tour of the Adult Day Service Program, remarking that it might be a good opportunity for her daughter to have interaction with peers and for the caregiver to have some respite. Her daughter now attends the program at Friendship Cottage Monday-Friday, and the caregiver regularly attends the monthly Behavioral Health Caregiver Support Group. The best news is that, with this kind of support, the caregiver is able to keep her daughter at home.

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