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Penobscot Bay Press has had the privilege of serving with the Thriving in Place Downeast (TiPD) collaboration for the past two years. The TiPD Partnership comprises many varied organizations who come together with the sole purpose of supporting our seniors, caregivers and people with chronic illness through healthy communities. Through our partnership with these dedicated professionals, we have seen the value of collaboration as state agencies, hospitals, mental health centers, community outreach organizations, and volunteers work together to promote the TiPD initiative and create strategies to enable the elderly to remain in their homes. We see our role as one of keeping people connected. Through our publications, we are able to keep seniors, their caregivers and families, and local communities informed about upcoming social events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. Our media relations and training work with our TiPD partners and the provider network enables the group to convey their mission, strategies, programming, and needs to the community. In this way, Penobscot Bay Press provides a medium and opportunity for the elderly and their caregivers to tell their stories, communicate their daily struggles and successes, and let the community know how they can be helpful.

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