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Maine Farmland Trust Supports Food Security Work

Healthy Peninsula is proud to announce the award of a food-security grant from the Maine Farmland Trust. Our work in food security began eight years ago with the Magic Food Bus (which will be rolling again at the end of June), and since then, we have discovered other ways we can help people in our service area develop lifestyles that include healthy eating. This past winter (and we hope it is over), Anna Wind, our healthy eating coordinator, teamed up with Blue Hill Heritage Trust at their Winter Camp to teach kids about healthy snacks. She has also been holding cooking classes at Harborview Apartments, introducing folks to ways they can use the beautiful produce they pick up from the Magic Food Bus when it stops there in the summer. There have also been visits by Blue Hill Memorial Hospital staff teaching about healthy diets and offering exercises to help maintain mobility. This grant will help support more of these kinds of activities.


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