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Local and Regional COVID-19 Resources Available on Our Website

Healthy Peninsula, the region’s community health coordination organization is working closely with our community partners to avoid overlap and extend our collective reach to support people in need during this time of COVID-19. Links to resources, volunteer sign up, and staff email addresses can be found on our website: Specifically, will take you to local and regional COVID-19 resources. This is an evolving list of resources that we have compiled based on the large volume of news, updates, resources, etc. that are being shared in multiple places as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. Topics include food, medical, mental health, churches, food, schools and general information.  We have tried to include only information from known and trusted sources. If you have questions about a resource, please contact them directly. If you have resources to update, add, or delete, please let us know at:

We are coordinating a volunteer project across our region to assist with grocery shopping, medication pick up, or to make reassuring phone calls to our community members sheltering at home, particularly those who are isolated and older, chronically ill, food insecure, or families with new infants or young children. Please contact us if you know someone who could benefit from assistance. If you would like to join this cadre of good neighbors doing good things the link for signing up is or contact

It is so gratifying to see all the offers of help coming in. We currently have more offers than requests for help, but we expect that to change as time goes on. Volunteers will be vetted and those offering in-person drop off will follow CDC guidelines. We will be happy to connect people to the many additional support efforts underway in individual towns across the Blue Hill Peninsula and Deer Isle.

Healthy Peninsula staff are all available and eager to hear from you as always. Though working remotely, voice mail at our office is being checked three times per day during the week, as is our general email Like our Face Book pages: and Peninsula Birth to Five Activities & Tips at for daily informational and sometimes entertaining updates.


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